Upcoming Events

Medical Informatics Recruitment Events
November 5th and November 12th at 9am Pacific Time
Meet students, faculty, and learn more about Medical Informatics program at UCLA.
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UCLA Grad Programs Virtual Open House
November 8th 2-4pm Pacific Time
Learn more about computational bioscience programs at UCLA during the open house.
Register at tinyurl.com/yypeczoa 

Recent Publications

November 16th 2020: Cummings, A.L., Gukasyan, J., Lu, H.Y. et al. “Mutational landscape influences immunotherapy outcomes among patients with non-small-cell lung cancer with human leukocyte antigen supertype B44”, in Nature Cancer

July 13th 2020: Zichen Wang, Mu Zhou, Corey Arnold, “Toward heterogeneous information fusion: bipartite graph convolutional networks for in silico drug repurposing”, in Bioinformatics

June 22nd 2020: Y. Meng, W. F. Speier, M. Ong and C. Arnold, “HCET: Hierarchical Clinical Embedding with Topic Modeling on Electronic Health Record for Predicting Depression,” in IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics